We leap firmly and steadily into the 7th decade

SAMART GROUP is a Thai-based company established since 1955, At present, Samart operates through its 40 affiliates, 4 of them are listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand which are

  • Samart Corporation Plc.
  • Samart Telcoms Plc.
  • Samart Digital Plc.
  • One To One Contacts Plc.
  • Samart Aviation Solutions Plc.

the First Step... the Step of Commencement

The Birth of Samart

Our origin dates back to 1955 when Mr. Cherdchai Vilailuck started his small electronic repair shop at Amphur Nong Kae, Saraburi province. His technical aptitude was so famous around the neighborhood that his business was named Samart shop.

From his passion in mechanics and technology and his experimental-loving trait, Mr. Cherdchai successfully invented antenna and satellite dish receiver and later served the market with his high quality products. The business has steadily enlarged its footprint. Today, we become a leading end-to-end solution and information technology service provider under the name of Samart Group.

The Growing Step ... to Antenna and Signal Receiver Business

Production-based era
  • 1966 - TV. antenna manufacturing was set up
  • 1967 - Samart Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded to manufacture and distribute antenna and satellite receiver.
  • 1982 - Satellite dish receiver was invented and manufactured

the Progressive Step... to Go "Public"

Network installation and telecommunication era
  • 1986 - Samart Telcoms Co., Ltd. was founded to operate engineering telecommunication business
  • 1989 - Samart Comtech Co., Ltd. was founded to operate telecommunication design and installation
  • 1992 - Cambodia Samart Communication Co., Ltd. was founded to operate telephone network installation, provide telecommunication service and operate NMT 900 mobile network in Cambodia
    - Samart Comtech Co.,Ltd was changed to Samart Corporation Co., Ltd.
  • 1993 - Samart Corporation Co., Ltd. was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Expansion to IT service, Internet and mobile phones
  • 1994 - Samart Corporation Plc. started its joint operation of Digital PCN 1800 mobile phone network
  • 1995 - Samart Paging Co., Ltd. was founded and awarded the concession from the Post and Telegraph Department to provide PostTel 1187-1188 paging service
    - Thai Trade Net Co., Ltd. was founded to provide electronic information exchange service
    - Samart Comtech Co.,Ltd was founded to provide telecommunication design and installation for serving government sectors
    - Posnet Co., Ltd. was founded to provide electronic money transfer and pay-point network system installation
    - Samart Telcoms Co., Ltd. was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • 1996 - Samart Infonet Co., Ltd. was founded to provide internet service
  • 1997 - Digital Phone Co., Ltd. was founded to operate Digital PCN 1800 mobile phone network
  • 2000 - One To One Contacts Co. Ltd. was founded to provide consultation service for customer contact center system design and installation
  • 2001 - Cambodia Air Traffic Services Co., Ltd. was founded to operate air traffic control center in Cambodia
  • 2002 - Call One Co., Ltd. was founded to provide customer service facilities for GSM 1900 MHz mobile network subscribers
Cyber Information era: Information, Education and Entertainment services through fully-integrated interactive media
  • 2002 - Samart Interactive Media Co., Ltd. was founded to provide information via interactive media
  • 2003 - Samart E-Trading Co.,Ltd. was changed name to Samart Digital Co., Ltd to import, distribute mobile handsets and market multimedia-related products and services
  • 2004 - I-mobile International Co., Ltd. was founded to distribute mobile phone.
    - Samart Digital was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand

the Honored Step...with "Garuda" Emblem

Footprint enlargement era, Thailand and overseas
  • 2005 In the 50 years anniversary of Samart Corporation Plc., was awarded the Royal Garuda emblem, Thats proud of our top
  • 2005 - i-mobile International Co., Ltd. started investment in Malaysias mobile phone market.
  • 2006 - Samart Corporation Plc. started investment in generating power plant to supply electricity to Kampot Cement Co., Ltd. in Cambodia.
    - Telecom Clearing House Co., Ltd. was founded to provide the business management system. Computer network system equipment and system program and the concerned the data.

the Sturdy Step..with the Clear Business Direction

  • 2013 Samart Comtech Co., Ltd. expanded its ICT business for both public and private sectors through its investment in Netservice (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • - Smarterware Co., Ltd. was granted CMMI Level 5 software standard, which is the highest level, from Software Park Thailand for its excellent services in software development.
  • - Samart Multimedia Co., Ltd. expanded its content business through mobile applications and online media such as EDTguide.com, HOROworld.com, and EDT Guide book
  • - Samart U-trans Co., Ltd. took over TEDA and constructed power stations to install and distribute electricity systems for its regular client, Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), and Electrical Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).
  • 2014 - One To One Contacts Co., Ltd. was registered in Thailand stock exchange market.
    - Samart Multimedia Co., Ltd. expanded its complete sports content and media business through a joint investment in i-sport Ltd.
  • 2015 - Samart Group won 4 ASEAN CG Scorecard: following this
    :: Samart Corporation Plc. won 3 awards including Top 5 ASEAN Publicly Listed Companies, TOP 50 ASEAN Publicly Listed Companies, and TOP 3 Domestic Publicly Listed Companies in Thailand
    :: Samart Telecom Plc. was awarded TOP 50 ASEAN Publicly Listed Companies
  • Samart U-trans Co., Ltd. established a joint-company to expand its waste management business, including waste fuel management and solar and alternative energy generation in Laos and Myanmar.

The Monumental Step..to Gain Acceptance in the Global Level

  • 2016 Samart Communication Service Co., Ltd. (Service & Maintenance department) and Samart Comtech Co., Ltd. (Airport Operation Management) was certified with ISO 2000 for IT services.
  • - Samart Digital Co., Ltd. renovated its stores, now called OPEN by i-mobile. OPEN also provides 3G cellular services.
    - Samart Engineering Co., Ltd. developed television antennas and receivers and expanded its business to digital Head-end systems for high-rise buildings.
  • - One To One Contacts Co., Ltd. started to provide social media monitoring under the brand Social One. It manages clients social media information. Also it provides Omni-Channel technology to ensure continuous services. So far it has been certified with the following standards:
    :: ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Management System
    :: ISO/IEC 20000-1 :2011 IT Service Management System
    :: ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System
    :: Frost & Sullivan Thailand Excellence Awards 2016: Outsourced Contact Center Service Provider of the Year, for being a private organization that has been providing contact center service for 5 consecutive years.

New Opportunities in the Digital Age

  • 2517 Samart I-Mobile Plc. restructured its business operations and renamed as Samart DIGITAL Plc. The company provides digital communication services and Digital Trunked Radio service
  • 2518 Secureinfo Co., Ltd. was established to provide a comprehensive cyber security service. Its the first company in Thailand to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance cyber threats surveillance
  • 2018 Posnet Co., Ltd., a service provider of Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system and EDC network, was the first company in Thailand to receive a certificate of PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) version 3.2.1
  • 2018-2019 - One to One Contacts Plc. was awarded Thailand Outsourced Contact Center of the Year for seven consecutive years during 2018-2019 from Frost & Sullivan
  • 2018 TEDA Co., Ltd. extended the underground powerlines project to cover Charan Sanitwong Road. The underground powerlines installation was done along the Blue Line MRT
  • 2019 "Samart Group" received IT security standard of ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 for 13 consecutive years and its nine subsidiaries achieved CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 re-appraisal from ISEM. CMMI Level 3 is given to software companies that have continuous improvement of software development processes according to CMMI standards every three year.
    The nine subsidiaries include Samart Corporation Plc.; Samart Telcoms Plc. One to One Contacts Plc.; Smarterware Co., Ltd.; Samart Comtech Co., Ltd.; Posnet Co., Ltd.; Portalnet Co., Ltd.; Thai Trade Net Co., Ltd.; and Samart EdTech Co., Ltd.
  • 2019 Samart Aviation Solutions Plc. was established and make investment in Cambodia Air Traffic Services Co., Ltd (CATS). Which will during operation to be listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). Itll be the fifth company under "Samart Group".

"Samart Group" will steadily move forwards under a strong foundation to make business expansion endlessly.