Careers @ SAMART Group

The person that we find ...

  • There are the characteristics in the design of "SAMART PEOPLE" or SAMART DNA
  • Can Learn & develop continuously
  • Be Creative and enhancement
  • To have Social Skills
  • To have skills and thinking process such as : Logical Thinking and Systematic Thinking
  • A modified fast to support the expansion of business and changes (Dynamic to Change)
  • Able to work effective under pressure

Leaping Firmly And Steadily Into The 7th Decade

SAMART Group is the leading cutting edge advanced ICT solution and Technology-related products and services provider of choices in Thailand with over 60 years of experiences aiming to create sustainable growth and enrich the quality of life with global standard operating through its 30 affiliates, 4 of them are listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand which are

  • SAMART Corporation Plc.
  • SAMART Telcoms Plc.
  • Samart Digital Plc.
  • Samart Aviation Solutions Plc.

Moreover, it is our greatest gratification to be granted a Garuda from H.M. in our 50th Anniversary.

Due to the fact that SAMART Group intends to reinforce Thai’s standard of living by constantly expanding our businesses with creativity and becomes the leader in advanced ICT solution and Technology-related products and services, we focus on

  • Samart Corporaion Plc. Was awarded the Royal Garuda emblem in 2005
  • Provide 3G network installation for Telephone of Thailand (TOT) which offers the alternative cellular service for Thai people
  • Provide the rural internet service under "Schoolnet" project which broaden the learning opportunity for the children in the rural area
  • Developing Land Information System for the Department of Lands to provide people with better services and more accurate data
  • Implementing and managing Information Management System, Passenger Check-in System, and Advance Passenger Processing System at Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • Installing Automatic Meter Reading System to allow users to download the load profile through the Internet for further demand side management
  • Implementing and maintaining core banking system for the Government Housing Bank and implementing core business information system for SME Bank
  • Installing Digital Mobile Radio System for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining computer and software system for core business at the Provincial Electricity Authority
  • Installing governmental ICT solutions such as AIMS and CUTE at Suvarnbhumi
  • Pioneer in content aggregator which received the great success; for example, BUG1113 and EDT
  • Managing Total Solutions Contact Center qualified by the International Best Contact Centre Award
  • Offering Intelligent Security System for both government and private sectors
  • Operating Air Traffic and Electrical Power & Energy services in Domestic and Cambodia

The underpinning of our service delivery is our perseverance to provide and develop fully integrated, cutting-edge technology-based business. By embedding new ideas and initiatives into all aspects of our products and services, we are being able to offer different, better and special value proposition to our diverse customers.

To actualize our determination, “SAMART GROUP” is divided its businesses into 5 major units

Together Towards Success and Growth

With diversified business and challenge jobs, SAMART group is the best place to start your career and to pursue a fulfilling career professional as well as new business experience for all new graduates, technology and other career experts. Due to we provide rewarding career and development opportunities to support our growing business. Furthermore, SAMART group wishes to be one of the most admired and attractive employers for talents. Along the way, you’ll competitively access SAMART circumstances with HRM & HRD policy at all levels including of

  1. Tangible Individual Development Plan (IDP) standard
  2. Right job with challenges & Funs
  3. Good Remuneration & Reward and Recognition
  4. Job Security


Let’s check whether you have all the 4 DNAs to go forward together