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“Samart Digital” enters the digital radio communication market

Samart Digital announces its official debut in the digital radio communication market, with its alliance with CAT in providing nationwide Digital Trunked Radio System through Thailand's largest digital network. 50,000-60,000 users are expected by the end of 2018.

Mr. Watchai Vilailuck, Samart Corporation President, reveals “Samart Group, under SISC Consortium, consisting of Samart Digital and Samart Communication Service Ltd., is collaborating with CAT Telecom Ltd. (Public company) or CAT in the Digital Trunked Radio System project to improve the capability and explore business opportunities in digital radio communication project or DTRS, which has unique advantages that serve the needs of many public and private organizations.

By establishing an alliance with CAT, SISC Consortium has 2 major missions: Provide, plan and install DTRS system and instrument in at least 1,000 stations within 2 years from the date of contract signing (24 August 2017). This will be the first nationwide digital trunked radio network with the widest and greatest coverage in Thailand. The company is also responsible for marketing and trunk mobile client distribution through different channels. The company has chosen to be a distributor of Motorola radio, which is globally-trusted by world-class organizations for its expertise and experiences.

Digital Trunked Radio System (DTRS) is designed to serve one-to-many or group calls which require good speed in order to communicate with a big group of people. This will be extremely useful during emergencies (mission critical). The system is stable even during disasters. Other networks might fail, but radio communication still works. In addition, the client is tough, shockproof, waterproof, sparkproof and therefore suitable for field utilization and improves the confidence of the users. Moreover, DTRS' data protection is also very secure. It prevents coded bugging and most importantly, Digital Trunked Radio System has a nationwide coverage. Users can communicate with clear signal regardless of the area with digital signaling and noise-removal system. Given the aforementioned advantages, DTRS is set apart from typical radio systems and possesses a benefit that mobile phones cannot achieve. Although mobile phones can be used for group communication, it still needs applications and internet. During emergencies or disasters when communication networks fail, mobile phones become unusable.

The target group includes government organizations, enterprises, industrial business and services such as logistic & transportation, plants and industrial estates, hospitals, rescue centers, and super car users. The company can customize the services to address the needs of each organization and provide suitable clients with efficient after sales services.

“With current business opportunities and the DTRS system's unique features, the company is confident that the business will be growing consistently and become an important source of revenue. Apart from distributing clients, the company earns from monthly service fees, which starts at 800 baht per client per month. In 2018 it is expected to have 50,000-100,000 users, which will increase to 400,000 in 2020.” Says Mr. Watchai.