Financial News

“Samart Group” Restores Profit with Confidence

During Q1 2018, Samart Group’s total revenue was 2,431 million baht with a total of 14 million baht profit. Samart Telcoms, which has been rising this year, is handling over 10,000 million baht worth of projects. Samart Digital is also seeing an upturn. The revenue from its new business will be realized in Q2. With the consistent growth of other businesses, it is believed that the outcome in 2018 will be as anticipated.

Mr. Watchai Vilailuck, President of Samart Corporation, says “Apart from Samart Digital, which is in the middle of changes towards new businesses, other businesses are growing as expected. The ICT Solution business, under Samart Telcoms, currently has over 10,000 million baht worth of projects. Recently it has just signed a 2,800 million baht contract for the Department of Lands’ 2nd phase ICT system improvement. And many new projects are lined up for bidding later this year, adding up to tens of billion baht. “Samart Digital” is not only expanding the digital trunked radio business, but also developing new content applications to earn a stable digital content income. The application TripPointz, in collaboration with TAT, has just been recently launched to promote tourism in 12 secondary provinces. Travelers can utilize the application in planning on where to eat, stay, or what to see, and earn benefits and rewards from points. In the future, TripPointz will be improved to be a one-stop travel application. 100,000 downloads are expected by the end of this year. Teda Company Limited, under Samart U-trans, also sees a clear business opportunity from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority’s underground cable policy. It has signed a contract of more than 800 million baht and now expects to sign a 2,500 million baht worth of new project contract.

In summary, during Q1 2018, “Samart Group” earned more revenue and profit than in Q4 2017. The total revenue was 2,431 million baht with 14 million baht profit. ICT Solution group earned 1,432 million baht revenue and 61 million baht profit.

Samart Digital earned 172 million baht revenue, which was a loss of 145 million baht. Samart U-trans, with Cambodia Air Services as the main company, earned 742 million baht and 123 million baht profit.

As for other related business, One To One Contacts earned 170 million baht revenue and 8.1 million baht profit. It has renewed various contracts of approximately 190 million baht in total, resulting in total current projects of 835 million baht. “Inno Hub Company Limited”, a subordinate company has been founded to handle researches and development of new software and innovation to accommodate the ever-changing technology and consumer behaviors in order to support the contact center business. A non-voiced service, such as social monitoring and chatbot, will be added.

“The economic situation in the country and abroad is improving. We are looking to bid in more projects than ever. I am confident that this year Samart Group’s performance will be better in terms of revenue and profit. The company will sustainably improve after our digital business transformation.” said Mr. Watchai.