New Company “SECUEiNFO” Becomes the First in Thailand to Launch a Cyber Threat Detection AI

Samart Group invested 200 million baht in its new company, SECUEiNFO, a complete cyber security service provider. IBM Security, a Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) global leader, launches an AI system that quickly and precisely detects and analyzes cyber attacks for the first time in Thailand, following the worldwide increasing trend of cyber threats.

Mr. Watchai Vilailuck, president of Samart Corporation, has revealed that “Cyber threats are increasing nowadays and the trend is accelerating. The triggering factor is the digital transformation of organizations which has led to big data utilization and rapidly increasing application of AI. Such cyber threats affect not only the operation of public and private organizations, but also the economy and security.

For that reason, all sectors have started to invest more in cyber security, as seen from the worldwide investment of over 100 billion US dollars in cyber security in the past year. This year’s total investment in Thailand is more than 240 million US dollars (7 billion baht) with a growth of over 12% each year. The biggest part of the investment goes to Managed Security Service. SECUEiNFO is founded to accommodate the growing demand of the market and provide the following complete electronic security system services:

1. Managed Security Service: Complete cyber security services managed by experts and advanced technology that monitors, alerts, and suggests appropriate actions. The company has signed an exclusive partnership contract with IBM security, a global leader in Cyber Security Solution, to collaborate on this service.
2. Cyber Security Risk Assessment: Complete cyber security risk assessment service
3. Cyber Security Consultant: Consultancy services by experts and experienced staff
4. Cyber Security Education and Awareness: A cyber security training center for organizations
Moreover, a Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) has also been established as part of the Managed Security Service. The center operates 24 hours in the same manner as IBM’s worldwide CSOC. For the first time in Thailand, Watson for Cyber Security, IBM’s AI technology has been featured in data analysis in order to find the cause of the threat. This will enhance the monitoring efficiency and coverage. The problems will be solved more appropriately and quickly. CSOC consists of 3 important parts: 1) People: Experienced and knowledgeable personnel guarding our clients 24x7, 2) Process: Standardized operation process including identification, detection, response, and improvement, which is the best data security practice, and 3) Technology: Advanced cyber security technology like Watson (AI for Cyber Security).

“CSOC offers the best value to the client organizations, including public organizations, banks, energy business, transportation business, and organizations that benefit from internet connection through smartphones and computers. The client organizations do not need to invest in establishing their own cyber security centers or handle the changes in latest technology. They are not required to recruit specialists. More importantly, they can view security data right away when needed.”
Mr. Watchai says “With the increase of cyber risks and the emerging technology trend, plus the expertise of our specialists and partner like IBM who owns some of the world’s best technology, SECUEiNFO aims for 50-100 million baht revenue within 1-2 years. The prospective customers will initially be Samart Group’s existing public sector customers. We will further expand our base to the private sector and eventually become one of the TOP3 in 5 years and part of the empowerment for the ultimate security of the digital society.”