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Samart Group Announces Plan 2019 under “Samart Strong and Sustain”

2019 is the year of business recovery, creating strength and sustainability. The group sets a target to reach Bt20 billion of revenue, speculating ICT business as a new high.

Samart Group announces 2019 is the year of the group’s business recovery to create more strengths and sustainability under “SAMART... Strong & Sustain” strategy. The group is also preparing itself to cope up with changes of technology and consumer’s behavior.
The group set a target to reach Bt20 billion of revenue this year, anticipating to grow in all lines of its businesses. ICT business is regarded as a new high to deliver growth rate in term of revenue and project value while the group’s energy business will be reshaped its investment structure to be listed in Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) for business expansion.

Mr. Watchai Vilailuck, Executive Director of Samart Corporation Plc, said during the past three years, Samart group has reshaped its business structure to cope up with a new digital era while preparing itself for changes in technology and consumer’s behavior. The group has also started new businesses that will result in the increasing income from 2019 onwards.
“We set our plan in 2019 to be the year of business recovery under SAMART... Strong & Sustain strategy, targeting to grow in every business with Bt20 billion of total revenue,” he said.

New S-Curve
After restructuring and making business expansion in Samart Digital (SDC), one of Samart group’s affiliates, Samart anticipates that Samart Digital will reach Bt4 billion of revenue this year and will have increasing growth in new S-Curve business especially in Digital Network business unit which has a project to implement CAT Digital Trunked Radio System (DTRS) nationwide to the Ministry of Interior; and Digital Content business unit including BUG, EDT, and i-Sport service.

New High
ICT Solutions is regarded as the group’s highlight business of this year, creating new high in term of revenue and project value. The group targets that revenue generated by ICT business will reach Bt10 billion while incomes from backlog projects will exceed Bt14 billion from more than 118 signing contracts. The contracts include Bt7-billion project of Provincial Electricity Authority, Bt6-billion project of Royal Thai Police, and Bt1.5-billion project of Airports of Thailand. Latest, the group also received a new project to implement and develop core business process system to SME Bank, which is worth at Bt579 million.

New Business Structure
The group has restructured Samart U-Trans and dressed up Cambodia Air Traffic Services (CATS) to be listed in Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The move is to facilitate business expansion in Air Traffic Control to neighboring countries and to expand underground cable business which has project value of up to Bt14 billion.
Recently, Teda won a construction project of Khlong Dan station from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority under the Consortium of TEDA-ITE-STC, which is worth at Bt1.6 billion. Of the total project value, Teda got the proportion value of Bt700 million.

New Service.. New Market
One to One Contacts Plc (OTO) set a target to reach Bt1 billion of revenue this year. Its main customers cover public sector and private sector including banking and insurance. The company focus on two directions ; to develop new service and new market.

Under new service strategy, the company will continually develop products and call center related services to serve consumer behavior in digital era including Voice AI and Chatbot for Line Connect, Facebook and website to help customers save time and cost. In new market strategy, the company continues to create partnerships to build new market. The company has partnered with Line Company (Thailand) under Line Customer Connect Project to provide customer service system. It’s also a strategic partner of HANKOOK Corporation, a Korean-based comprehensive call center system provider, to help develop technology and bring new services to the market.

The group speculates two factors will support the group’s business growth. The first factor involves the overall Thai economic status. It’s expected that Thai economic in 2019 shows better sign especially in tourism and international investment,which has more higher demand to make investment in Thailand to connect to CLMV countries. While the new election and the establishment of new government will give a good impact. US-China trade war, however, is another concerning factor for the economic growth.

The second factor is about the government’s stimulation towards the national strategic framework in 20 years drafted by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and its Thailand 4.0 policy related to the promotion of digital technology for the country’s development.

“We’re pacing into the 5G era. We see that a key for business survival in this era is to adjust ourselves to cope up with a rapid change. We, at Samart, has prepared for the changes and made continual adjustment in business management, human resource development and technology development and we received many world class standard awards, such as ISO 27001. So, we’re confident that we can do business with growth and stability even though many challenges are faced,” Mr. Watchai concluded.