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PEA Launches CBS Phase 2

Mr. Sompong Preeprem, the Governor of Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), presided over the opening ceremony of CBS phase 2 project, a project to design, develop, implement and maintain computer and software system for core business.
Mr. Charoenrath Vilailuck, Executive Chairman & CEO of Samart Corporation Plc., Samartís and PEAís executives, CBSís working group, and representatives from Portalnet Co., Ltd recently joined in the event at PEAís head office.
PEA has implemented a computer and software system for core business for use in the organization to improve its internal IT system and to provide better services to its customers.
CBS Phase 2 is overseen by Portalnet Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Samart Telecoms, which develops, implements and maintains the overall CBS system for five years.