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Samart Group Announces Revenue Growth in Q2

Samart Group announces its total revenue in the second quarter of 2019, achieving Bt4.42 billions with Bt56 millions of net profit. The figure shows increasing growth when compared to the same period of last year.
Of the total revenue, ICT business generated Bt3.169 billion, growing by 51 percent from last year.
Samart Digital business group gained Bt268 million revenue, increasing 19 per cent from the same period in 2018.

One to One Contacts, which was ranked the 1st position in contact center business with awards guaranteed for 7 consecutive years, also has revenue increased.
Moreover, Samart Transolutions, a subsidiary under Samart Corporation Plc overseeing air traffic services business, has a plan to submit a filing to Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) in the third quarter of this year.
While Samart Telcoms Plc and One To One Contacts Plc announce to pay dividends for the first six months of 2019 to shareholders at Bt0.20 and Bt0.03 respectively.

Mr. Watchai Vilailuck, Executive Director of Samart Corporation Plc, said in the second quarter of this year, Samart Group reached Bt4.42 billion total revenue with Bt56 millions of net profit.

The groupís ICT Solution business gained the majority of revenue at Bt3.169 billion with Bt80 million net profit, growing by 51 percent from the same period of last year.
The group also acquired new projects totally worth at Bt5.793 billions including a project to design, develop, implement and maintain computer and software system for core business for Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and IT projects of the Ministry of Interior and TOT Plc.
At the end of second quarter of 2019, the group had outstanding works valued at Bt9.274 billions (including VAT).

Digital business, which is in the process of implementing a digital radio and telecommunication network to the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, is predicted to have revenue increased in the third quarter of the year.

Meanwhile, One to One Contacts (OTO), which oversees call center business, generated Bt188 million in the second quarter of this year, growing by five per cent from the previous year.

OTO currently has 27 per cent market share with total projects valued at Bt828 millions. The company is new offering outsourced call center services to more than 80 enterprises in all industries including insurance, technology, and airline industry.

U-TRANS business group, in the second quarter of this year, generated Bt761-million total revenue.
Overseeing energy and public utilities business, U-TRANSí major revenue comes from air traffic management and air traffic control services which are provided through Cambodia Air Traffic Services Company Limited (CATS) in Cambodia.

TEDA, a subsidiary under Samart Group which takes care of high voltage transmission system construction, also shows continuous growth.

Recently, the company has signed a contract with Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to construct 115-kV high voltage power station in Sing Buri province worth at Bt358 millions.

Mr. Watchai said the governmentís policy to drive the emergence of digital economy through investments of various infrastructure is now giving a positive impact to related communication and technology business.
Thanks to this policy, Samart Group shows a good start in the second half of this year by winning several bidding projects including military telecommunications system development project for the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters worth at Bt598 millions; and the installation of closed circuit television (CCTV) at public parks for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration worth Bt168 millions.

Mr. Watchai said there will be a lot more projects valued over Bt9 billions waiting for bidding in the second half of the year. The group hopes that by the end of 2019, it will be able to acquire bidding projects worth not less than Bt1.2 billions.

Even though Samartís digital business is now in a recovery period, it starts to gradually generate new revenue. While U-TRANS business shows steady income from the existing air traffic control business.
Latest, the Board of Directors has approved Samart Corporation Plc to bring its subsidiary, Samart Trans Solutions Company Limited (STR) which oversees air traffic services business, to raise funds in Thai stock market by issuing and offering IPO for the first time and then be listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).
Raising funds in Thai stock market will help STR have capabilities for loan repayment and boost its working capital.

Currently, STR holds 100 per cent shares in Cambodia Air Traffic Services Company Limited (CATS). After STR is listed in SET, the company will change its name to Samart Aviation Solutions Public Company Limited.
Mr. Watchai added that bringing STR to be listed in Thai stock market is one of the groupís missions in diversifying its business to cover air traffic services.
The company plans to make new business expansion and develop state-of-the-art technology related to air traffic services to create more business opportunities in the area.

Furthermore, the group also focuses on the development of technology and solutions in all aspects to turn ideas and creativity into innovations and apply them for use in the groupís products and services with a hope to offer the most benefits to all customers, Mr. Watchai said.