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Samartís 9 Subsidiaries Acheive 4th Re-Appraisal of CMMI Level 3

Samart Group, the Thai leading technology provider, announces the achievement of its nine subsidiaries in passing CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 appraisal for the fourth time.
The group plans to bring all its subsidiaries to be certified by CMMI standard with a hope to create long-term confidence in software development capabilities to customers.

Receiving CMMI standard will ensure that the companyís all working process reach determined standards, having clear working framework with international standard outcome.
Mr. Charoenrath Vilailuck, Executive Chairman & CEO of Samart Corporation Plc., is the groupís representative to receive CMMI Level 3 Re-Appraisal certification from ISEM, the CMMI Appraiser certified by CMMI Institute.
The CMMI re-appraisal certification will be given to software companies that have continuous improvement of software development processes according to CMMI standards every three years.

The nine subsidiaries that achieved CMMI Re-Appraisal certification include Samart Corporation Plc.; Samart Telcoms Plc.; One To One Contacts Plc.; Smarterware Co., Ltd.; Samart Comtech Co., Ltd.; Posnet Co., Ltd.; Portalnet Co., Ltd.; Thai Trade Net Co., Ltd.; and Samart EdTech Co., Ltd.

The nine subsidiaries adopted CMMI standard procedures to make improvement of its software development process, enabling the companies to have more systematic working processes with easier and better validation, reduce redundant work, and have a more accurate forecast.
Receiving CMMI standard also help companies achieve business goals efficiently while creating confidence to customers that high-quality software development works will be delivered.

Samart Group has conducted CMMI Re-appraisal process this year for the fourth time. The achievement of CMMI appraisal helps the group to strengthen its software development process to reach international standard and reinforce itself as a leader in providing a full range of technology services in Thailand.

Additionally, the group also commits to continue in developing itself to acquire other related standards such as ISO 27001: 2013. Recently, the group has received the latest version of PCI DSS certification in providing the first EDC service in Thailand.

With these standards, it guarantees that customers will receive quality and world-class services that can help them grow in business continuously.