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12 Finalists of Young Technopreneur Contest Season 8 Announced

Talents To be Shown in Final Round In October
Young Technopreneur Season 8 announces 12 finalists to show their business and technology talents in the final round of the competition in October this year. The winner will receive development fund worth at Bt600,000.
The 12 finalists will be trained in business and technology knowledge and meet investors before making final presentation in the final round.

Mr. Charoenrath Vilailuck, Executive Chairman & CEO of Samart Corporation, said Young Technopreneur is a contest to allow Thai youngsters to show their technological talents and business skills to become technology business owners. The project is a collaboration between Samart Group and the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA).

The project, which has been run for 8 years, is aimed at creating qualified technology business owners through the promotion of knowledge.
In 2019, the committee has selected 12 outstanding works which have technology concept for real commercialization and can be adapted for further business development.
The 12 final projects have been developed in line with the national development plan in the field of food and agriculture technology; medical technology and services for the elderly; tourism technology; and transportation and logistics technology.
The 12 finalists are as follows:

Projects related to food and agriculture industry
1. B&M Rice for Life : Rice processing through encapsulation technique
2. Enola : Carbon credit trading platform
3. AIP Skytech : Drone for pest detection and spraying

Projects related to medical and services for elderly industry
1. REFIT : Physical therapy for you
2. Pharmabot : Mechanics for motion control
3. Bagnosis DCN : A set of camera to separate and count bacteria using AI
4. Hydrogel - lasting - wool line : Pet cleaning product
5. OFFIT : Office syndrome treatment tracking platform for physical therapy

Projects related to tourism and service industry
1. I-Lock : Vehicle control system using IOT
2. Alto Tech Smart Hotel Energy : Intelligent energy management system for hotel

Projects related to transportation and logistics industry
1. PFB Navigation : Smart Navigation system
2. Container Truck Gate Automation : Automatic container ID and truck license plate reading system

Mr. Charoenrath said the project will hold business matching, allowing the 12 finalists to meet investors and entrepreneurs in the industry to show their technology development ideas and business plans for further business development possibilities. Meanwhile, they will receive recommendations from entrepreneurs for their projectís further development.

After business matching event, the finalists will intensely present their projects to the committee in the final round which will be held in October to find the winner of SAMART Innovation Award.
The winner will receive development fund worth at Bt600,000, Mr. Charoenrath said.

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